Medical Cannabis. Simplified.

Spectrum Cannabis provides medical cannabis products to improve the lives of patients around the world. In addition to a consistent supply of lab-tested products, you can rely on us to keep you up to date with clear and accurate information. As we invest in ongoing research, our goal is to deliver innovative products that raise the bar on therapy and outcomes for patients everywhere.

The Spectrum

The Spectrum is a unique colour-coding system designed to make understanding medical cannabis and product selection simple.

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Introducing Canopy Health Innovations

Our biopharmaceutical team works to develop a range of effective formulations and delivery mechanisms to serve patients worldwide. We have a number of investigator-initiated and industry collaborations already in place, and are committed to establishing additional relationships.


Researchers at CHI are investigating the potential of medical cannabis in the treatment of fibromyalgia, ALS, anxiety, smoking cessation and more.

Our Products

We offer a range of products in softgel, ingestible oil, and dried flower formats. Patients and their healthcare providers can use our simple colour-coding system to identify the right products to meet therapeutic needs.

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